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Recent Publications:

1) S. Paul+, K. Gayen+, P. G. Cantavella, B. Escuder, N. Singh*, Complex Pathways Drive Pluripotent Fmoc-Leucine Self-Assemblies, 2024, Angewandte Chemie International Edition

2) T. M. Hermans* and N. Singh*, Chemically fueled Autonomous SOL-GEL-SOL-GEL-SOL Transitions. 2023, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.

3) N. Singh*, A. L. Acosta, G. Formon, T. M. Hermans*, Chemically Fueled Self-Sorted Hydrogels, 2022, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 1, 410-415.

4) N. Singh*, B. Lainer, G. Formon, S. De Piccoli, T.M. Hermans*, Re-Programming Hydrogel Properties Using a Fuel-Driven Reaction Cycle, 2020, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142 (9), 4083-4087.

5) V. Taresco, C. Alexander, N. Singh* and A. K. Pearce*,  Stimuli-responsive pro-drug chemistries for drug delivery, 2018, Advanced Therapeutics, 1 (4), 1800030.

Reviews  aligned with group's interests:

6) N. Singh, G. J. M. Formon, S. De Piccoli, and T. M. Hermans, Devising Synthetic Reaction Cycles for Dissipative Non-equilibrium Self-assembly, 2020, Advanced Materials, 32 (20), 1906834.

7) N. Singh, M. T. Solsona, J. F. Miravet and B. Escuder, ChemInform Abstract: Towards Supramolecular Catalysis with Small Self-Assembled Peptides, 2015, Israel Journal of Chemistry, 55, 711-723.


Other publication from post-docs and PhD:

8) C. Vallières, N. Singh, C. Alexander, S.V. Avery, Repurposing Nonantifungal Approved Drugs for Synergistic Targeting of Fungal Pathogens, 2020, ACS Infectious Diseases, 6, 11, 2950–2958.

9) E. Jordana-Lluch, V. Garcia, A. D. H. Kingdon, N. Singh, C. Alexander, P. Williams, and K. Rachael Hardie*, A Simple Polymicrobial Biofilm Keratinocyte Colonisation Model for Exploring Interactions between Commensals, Pathogens and Antimicrobials, 2020, Frontiers in Microbiology, section Antimicrobials, Resistance and Chemotherapy, 11, 291.

10) N. Singh, M. Romero, A. Travanut, P. Monteiro, E. Jordana-Lluch, K. R. Hardie, P. Williams, M. Alexander, C. Alexander, Dual Bioresponsive Antibiotic and Quorum Sensing Inhibitor Combination Nanoparticles for Treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms In Vitro and Ex Vivo, 2019, Biomaterials Science, 7 (10), 4099-4111.

11) A. K Pearce, A. J. Blok, G. Yilmaz, N. Singh, R. J. Cavanagh, T. Abelha, V. Taresco, C. Alexander, Functional polymers for drug delivery prospects and challenges, 2018, Chimca Oggi- Chemistry Today, 36, 38-42.

12) M. Sanna, G. Sicilia, A. Alazzo, N. Singh, F. Musumeci, S. Schenone, K. Spriggs, J. C. Burley, M. C. Garnett, V. Taresco and C. Alexander, Water Solubility Enhancement of Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine Derivatives via Miniaturized Polymer-Drug Microarrays, 2018, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 9 (3), 193-197.

13) N. Singh and B. Escuder, Competetion Versus Cooperation in Catalytic Hydrogelators for anti-Selective Mannich Reaction, 2017, Chemistry - A European Journal, 23, 9946-9951.

14) N. Singh, C. Maity, K. Zhang, C.A. Pachon, R. Eelkema, J.H van Esch and B. Escuder, Synthesis of a Double-Network Supramolecular Hydrogel by Having One Network Catalyse the Formation of the Second, 2017, Chemistry - A European Journal, 23, 2018-2021.

15) N. Singh, M. Kumar, J.F. Miravet, R.V. Ulijn and B. Escuder, Peptide-Based Molecular Hydrogels as Supramolecular Protein Mimics, 2017, Chemistry - A European Journal, 23, 981- 993.

16) M.P. Conte, N. Singh, I.R. Sasselli, B.Escuder and R.V. Ulijn, Metstable hydrogels from aromatic dipeptides, 2016, Chemical Communications, 52, 13889-13892.

17) N. Singh, K. Zhang, C. A. Pachon, E. Mendes, J.H van Esch and B. Escuder, Tandem reactions in self-sorted catalytic molecular hydrogels, 2016, Chemical Science, 7, 5568-5572.

18) N. Singh, M.P Conte, R.V. Ulijn, J.F Miravet and B. Escuder, Insight into the esterase like activity demonstrated by an imidazole appended self-assembling hydrogelator, 2015, Chemical Communications, 51, 13213-13216.

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