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Prerna received her Integrated BS-MS degree in Chemical Sciences from IISER, Berhampur in 2023. During her master’s she worked on “Supramolecular purely Organic room temperature Phosphorescence” under the supervision of Prof. Subi George at JNCASR, Bangalore. She is currently a PhD student at DyMSaS in the Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM). Her current work focuses on new chemically fuelled reaction cycles.

Pau Gil Cantavella

(Estudia i Investiga Fellow)

Pau is an Estudia i Investiga fellow which allows top students from bachelor's degree to start getting to know about lab work and research from the very beginning in their studies.  Pau is enthusiastic about his first steps in the field of supramolecular chemistry and chemically fueled reaction cycles. He is currently dedicating his time to learn and teach the group about coacervates. His project deals with non-equilibrium catalytic coacervates for polymer synthesis. Pau also is a coach for under 12 football team.

Sudeep Koppayithodi

PhD Scholar

Sudeep has joined DyMSaS to pursue his PhD in chemically fueled reaction cycles and three dimensional Superstrucutres. He brings experience in photoresponsive molecules from LIGHT Lab at IISER Kolkata. Sudeep did his integrated BS-MS from IISER Kolkata.

Dr. Kousik Gayen


Kousik completed his Ph.D. in 2021 from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), India. He worked on self-assembly of peptides and peptide-conjugated imide/core substituted naphthalenediimides. He was later working as Research Associate-1 in IACS from December, 2021 to May 2023. He is currently working on chemically fueled non-equilibrium self-assembly and metamorphosis in aqueous dynamic self-assemblies at DyMSaS.

Prerna Ranasingh

PhD Scholar

Dr. Nishant Singh

Group Leader

Nishant completed his PhD in 2016 with a Marie Curie Fellowship (Extraordinary prize) working on catalytic hydrogels. He then moved to the School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, UK  for his first postdoc in 2017 on EPSRC funded Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery Grant. He worked on combinatorial drug delivery systems for breast cancer and antibiotic resistance, and high-through put anti-bacterial coatings for bacterial attachment. He then moved to Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS), University of Strasbourg in 2018 to work on non-equilibrium self-assemblies and reaction cycles where he also secured a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. Nishant was awarded CIDEGENT GRANT in 2022 to start his own research group at INAM, UJI. 


Rosario Daniela Moreno Mora

Master Student

Rosario is studying the effect of salts and temperature on light responsive complex coacervates. 

Silvia Garre Martin

Master Student

Silvia is working on fuel responsive simple coacervates and their mixtures. 

Dr. Subir Paul


Subir did his M.Sc. with specialization in organic chemistry from Burdwan University in 2014. Then He went on to join Indian Association for the Cultivation of science (Kolkata, India) to pursue his doctoral studies and obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2020. The title of his thesis is "Peptide based hydrogels and carbon nanodots: Towards the development of functional nanohybrid materials". He Joined DyMSaS to work on superstructures and chemically fueled reaction cycles.

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